Billboard asked me to identify ten artists from ten countries who people should know about. Of course my picks were only a sampling of the worthy musicians from the Spanish-speaking world. and they include some of my personal current favorites.

About the New Buena Vista Album: Lost and Found

Just in time for the final dates of the Buena Vista project's last tour, World Circuit puts out an album of live performances and outakes from the original recording sessions in Havana's Egrem studios (the shrine to Cuban music once known as Panart).

Sonar Heads to South America

I'm looking forward to going back to Sonar this June in the city that's now my hometown - Barcelona. Meanwhile, the electronic culture fest folks have announced new festivals in a couple of my other favorite cities.

Mexican Musicians Honor Morrissey on Mexrissey Tour

"There are a lot of shared feelings in Mexican music and Moz songs, so we thought it was a fantastic idea," Camilo Lara says. "We Mexicans like to suffer and make people suffer. Melodrama, irony, sarcasm -- we share those with Morrissey. If Mexico's top pop art form are the telenovelas, you can see why Mexicans love Morrissey."  This I would like to hear!

What the U.S.-Cuba Breakthrough Could Mean for Music

The news that the U.S. and Cuba were restoring relations seemed unreal for all of the artists who had through so many years opened the road for it to happen. And for me: I've been covering U.S.-Cuba cultural relations since 1993. When the news of detente broke, I wrote this story for Billboard about how political actions could impact artists in both countries.

This Ain't No Buena Vista: Meet Five Cuban Artists to Watch

President Obama’s announced changes in current Cuba policy may increase Cuban artists’ presence on U.S. stages, or maybe even, eventually, on the charts. Or they may not. What is clear is that if you don’t know these artists from Cuba, the time is now.


 U.S.-Cuba Musical Relations: A Timeline of Milestones

A look at the ups and downs of U.S. and Cuba’s musical relationship over the past five decades traces politics’ influence on art while revealing artistic triumphs, personal tragedies and the diplomatic power of music.

A personal tribute to Gustavo Cerati

After Cerati's death in September I was thinking not only about his music but about my own years as a young journalist in Buenos Aires. At year's end, I wrote this personal tribute.